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At Surfside Pediatrics we and our friendly staff offer all aspects of pediatrics medical services:

  • Well child exams from birth to age 18
  • Sports and camp physicals
  • Pre-op physicals
  • Immunizations
  • School and behavioral issues
  • Acute and chronic illnesses
  • Inpatient hospital care for our patients

What is a Pediatrician?
A pediatrician is a physician whose specific specialty is caring for children from birth to 18 years of age. Pediatricians address acute and chronic illnesses, learning disabilities, behavioral issues and the growth and development of children. Our goal is to help ensure that children grow into mentally and physical healthy, productive and happy adults.

Web Resources

Important phone numbers and resources

Cedar Sinai Medical Center-800.233.2771
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles-323.660.2450
Community Memorial Hospital (CMH)-805.652.5011
Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara-805.682.7111
Ojai Valley Community Hospital-805.646.1401
Santa Paula Hospital-805.933.8600
St. John’s Hospital Oxnard-805.988.2500
St. John’s Pleasant Valley Camarillo-805.389.5800
Ventura County Medical Center-805.652.6000
West Hills Hospital-818.676.4000
Ventura County Animal Control-805.388.4341
Breastfeeding Support Hotline-805.646.7559
Poison Control Center-800.222.1222
Public Health Oxnard-805.981.5101
Children’s Intensive Response Team (CIRT)-866.431.2478
Tri-Counties Regional Center-805.485.3177

American Academy of Pediatrics

Centers for Disease Control


Urgent Care Listings


Tylenol and Motrin Dosing

Tylenol Dosing

Motrin Dosing


Nutrition, Healthy Eating and Exercise websites

Vaccine Education

Car Seat Education

Breastfeeding, Newborn Resources

Autism Education

ADD/ADHD Education


Cell Phone Safety for kids


Other Physician Offices

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