We are following the CDC protocols for testing patients for COVID 19.  

Our office is taking a comprehensive approach to protecting your family from COVID19 including telehealth visits and incorporating the latest technologies and scientific advancements for COVID-19 testing. 

We are currently offering testing to children who meet the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 testing. 

Our testing process starts with a TELEHEALTH visit that may be arranged through the front desk and is covered by insurance like a regular office visit. Once this visit has been completed, if the provider feels your child meets the criteria and warrants a COVID-19 test, then we will arrange for your child to be tested by one of our staff members. This is done by nasal swab and is typically performed in your car in our parking lot. 

We will shortly begin testing for COVID 19 antibodies to test as to whether your child has been exposed and developed signs of immunity to COVID 19. These tests will be performed, as per CDC guidelines on patients who had exhibited symptoms to COVID 19 from November until now. Antibody tests do not replace the need for nasal swab for the virus in acute cases. In some cases, both tests will be performed. The testing process starts with a TELEMEDICINE visit that can be arranged by calling our front desk. When the online visit is complete if the provider assess that your child meets the criteria and antibody testing is warranted, we will arrange for your child to be tested by one of our staff members. COVID-19 antibody testing is a blood test. done through a finger-poke. 

To arrange a telehealth assessment appointment to determine whether you child should be tested please contact our front desk team. 

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