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Child Behavior Problems

Child Behavior Problems In Ventura, CA

All children and teens will have conflict at some point with their parents. Testing their boundaries and exerting their independence is a natural step in the development process. Likewise, feeling the need to withdraw and be alone is part of establishing autonomy. Many times, children and adolescents are behaving in accordance with their age, even if the tantrums or outbursts seem out of character. "Acting out" emotionally or behaviorally is a common response to a major change in a child's life, such as the death or birth of a family member, relocating to a new city, or a divorce. Difficulties at school may also trigger emotional responses. As the problems are eliminated or they adjust to the changes in their lives, the behavior usually improves.

Child Behavior Problems However, when this defiant, difficult or unusual behavior becomes a pattern that disrupts the daily routine at home or school, it warrants an evaluation by a professional. Experts suggest that it isn't necessarily the intensity of behavior that dictates the need to seek treatment. Rather, it is the impact that the outbursts, seclusion or sadness has on the family's life as a whole. Mental health assessments aren't just for the child - they are designed to pinpoint the source of the problem and teach coping mechanisms for both the child and their family members.

It is important to know that any time a child or adolescent threatens to harm themselves or others, it should be considered an emergency and dealt with accordingly through a mental health clinic or crisis center.

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