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Breastfeeding: FAQs

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, and one of the experiences you and your baby may share is breastfeeding. Dr. Stacey Lowen and Dr. Gary Winston, or Melissa Wilkey, NP at Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA, offer comprehensive medical care for children, and they can help you if you are having problems with breastfeeding your baby.

What You Need to Know about Breastfeeding

It’s normal to have a few questions about breastfeeding, especially if you are going to be a new mom. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding:

Why should I breastfeed my baby instead of using formula?

Breast milk offers many important benefits for your baby that formula can’t match. Consider that breast milk:

  • Is easier for your baby to digest than formula
  • Helps build your baby’s immune system with antibodies from you
  • Is always the right temperature
  • Is always available
  • Is free

Can breastfeeding help the mother too? 

Yes, breastfeeding can help moms lose the extra weight they gain during pregnancy. It also helps to balance a mother’s hormone levels. Breastfeeding is also an excellent way to bond with your baby.

How can I make breastfeeding easier?

You and your baby need to be relaxed and comfortable to have the best experience while breastfeeding. Remember to:

  • Find a relaxed, quiet environment
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Support your breast and your baby while you breastfeed

How can my pediatrician help if I am having problems with breastfeeding?

Your pediatrician offers lactation consultations to help you with breastfeeding. These are just a few of the topics which can be addressed during a lactation consultation:

  • Problems with your baby latching on to your breast
  • Not producing enough breast milk
  • Having difficulty with positioning during breastfeeding
    Experiencing sore or infected nipples
  • Experiencing pain during breastfeeding

Want to Know More?

To discover more about breastfeeding and how it can help you and your baby, call Dr. Lowen and Dr. Winston, or Melissa Wilkey, NP of Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA. You can reach them in the office by calling (805) 643-7500, so call today.

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