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Your Child and the Flu

The seasonal flu can be especially dangerous for older persons above the age of 65, but young children are also at high risk for flu-related complications. This doesn't mean that your child for sure will suffer from these, only that they require an extra level of care, both in prevention, and treatment. If you'd like to learn more get in contact with Dr. Kevin White and Dr. Stacey Lowen of Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA.

Symptoms and Treatment

The flu shares a lot in common with the common cold so it can, at first, be difficult to know which you are dealing with. They are both brought on by different viruses and the flu brings with it more severe symptoms and they come on more suddenly than the flu.
Muscle aches, dizziness, and chills, for example, typically signal the presence of the flu.

But be on the lookout for headaches, decreased appetite, a worsening cough, and a fever, among others. Consult with their pediatrician to learn more about the warning signs, and bring in your child as soon as possible if they appear sick. Babies in particular should be examined by a professional if you suspect the flu.

If you've taken your kid to the doctor and their symptoms worsen don't think twice about bringing them back in.
At home, what's most important is allowing your child to rest and make sure they drink plenty of fluids. As mentioned above, they may not be as hungry, but they should still stay hydrated, as dehydration is one of the more dangerous complications from the flu.

Your Local Pediatrician in Ventura, CA

The flu can very easily transmit between people, from just talking, or sneezing, and coughing. Also by touch as it can remain on surfaces for up to 24 hours.

So it's important to encourage everyone in your family to wash their hands regularly and to cover their nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, as well as to clean everything regularly handled or touched.

The flu shot is also recommended for everyone in your home, 6 months or older. Children younger than 8 may need two vaccines, one prepares their immune system for the second.

Regular checkups should also be part of your battle plan against the flu so you and your doctor can be prepared. Make your appointment today, call Dr. White and Dr. Lowen of Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA, by dialing (805) 643-7500.


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