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Benefits of Telemedicine

There are many benefits to using telemedicine for your child's healthcare needs, one of the clearest is certainly the convenience. It's about being able to get in contact with your child's doctor without the usual concerns of in-office visits is a big reason. But the benefits of telemedicine do not stop at liberating your schedule from traffic and parking, some of these will be explored below, but you can learn more by reaching out to Dr. Stacey Lowen and Dr. Gary Winston, or Melissa Wilkey, NP of Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA.


Because you are able to reach your doctor from the convenience of your home you are able to deal with so many health issues remotely. Such as checking in to manage a chronic condition, for help with refills, and to find help for number of health concerns. Health concerns such as fevers, earaches, stomach problems, colds, rashes, and headaches, among many others.

But telemedicine does not replace in-office visits completely, well-child visits should still take place in person so your doctor can perform a thorough physical exam, for example. But if you aren't sure if you should visit the office or seek telemedicine then you can usually just have a virtual visit with the doctor and they can let you know what's best.

Telemedicine in Ventura, CA

In order to take part in these virtual visits you usually only need a modern device capable of both video and audio conferencing so the doctor can see your child and speak with you both. This can be your phone, a tablet, or your computer, but call the office to coordinate if you're not completely sure if your device is compatible. The office offers HIPPA-compliant video conferencing software so you can be sure of your and your child's privacy, just as if it took place inside the office.

If you are interested in telemedicine you can schedule a remote visit or an in-person one with Surfside Pediatrics, with Dr. Lowen and Dr. Winston, or Melissa Wilkey, NP in Ventura, CA, by dialing (805) 643-7500.

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