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Managing ADD and ADHD in Children: Strategies for Parents

ADD, or as it's modernly known, ADHD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically affects children impacting their ability to perform in school, can affect them socially, and their quality of life. The condition cannot be cured but with the help of your Ventura, CA, pediatrician it can be successfully managed, learn more about ADD and ADHD by reaching out directly to Dr. Stacey Lowen and Dr. Gary Winston of Surfside Pediatrics.

Differences Between ADD and ADHD

In the past, the marked difference between ADD and ADHD was hyperactivity or impulsivity. Although in recent times the term ADHD has been used to describe the condition, different types of ADHD highlight some of these differences, these include the predominantly inattentive type, hyperactivity-impulsive type, and the combined type, among others.

With the inattentive type of ADHD, children tend to have trouble paying attention and staying focused on a task.

However, those with hyperactive-impulsive type of ADHD will have difficulty staying put, often fidgeting, interrupting, and moving constantly.

The combined type, and the most common type of ADHD includes symptoms from both inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types.

ADD And ADHD Treatment in Ventura, CA

Since ADHD cannot be cured, the treatments that your pediatrician may suggest will focus on improving your child's quality of life by relieving the effect that ADHD symptoms have.

A combination of ADHD medication and behavioral therapy are the usual treatments for the condition. But medication is not often prescribed for younger patients, for them, a lot of the treatment and coaching may be directed toward the parents instead.

Medication and behavioral therapy are both very important to help reduce the impact of ADHD symptoms, though it may take some time to determine the correct dosage for your child, it's important to keep up with their pediatrician to report any changes and improvements.

If your child struggles in school, and you're concerned about ADD and ADHD you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Lowen and Dr. Winston of Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA, by dialing (805) 643-7500.

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