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Understanding Child Nutritional Counseling

Do you have questions about your child's nutrition but need help with how to proceed? Dr. Gary Winston, Dr. Kevin White, and Dr. Stacey Lowen of Surfside Pediatrics, located in Ventura, CA, can answer your questions about child nutrition counseling and choosing the best treatment plan for your child. 

What is Counseling for Your Child's Nutrition? 

A pediatric nutritionist specializes in helping your child explore proper food options and make wise food choices. We also assist with food allergies, food restrictions, and aversions to specific foods that your child has present. 

Surfside Pediatrics, located in Ventura, CA, offers child nutrition tips to help you improve your children's eating habits. Our medical professionals might have you do these things before and during your visits. 

  • Food Diary - Recording your child's every meal sounds daunting, but it will be easier than you think. Our doctor can readily identify food trends in your child and how much the child eats at each meal. 
  • Health Screening - If your child has a very light appetite or is not reaching growth goals, our doctor may perform some simple blood tests to see if your child shows any deficiency that could cause a slowed growth pattern.
  • Questionnaire - Our staff of doctors may have you complete a questionnaire regarding your child's medical history, past and current eating habits, and activity levels. 

Whole Family Involvement

When it comes to your child's nutrition, children model what they see; therefore, it would be necessary for the whole family to prepare meals with proper nutrition involved, discussing healthy choices and appropriate serving sizes. 

Children require more than eight hours of sleep daily. A proper amount of sleep helps your child digest food properly. Sleep is an important part of your child's nutrition that few parents consider. 

Also, daily exercise helps your child's body function properly. An active child burns calories more effectively. Your child will mimic your behavior, so if you approach the subject of nutrition with an open mind and a sense of fun, so will they. 

Call Us for Childhood Nutritional Support!

Call Dr. Lowen, Dr. Winston, and Dr. White at 805-643-7500 at Surfside Pediatrics in Ventura, CA, for child nutrition and nutritional support. We are eager to meet you and your child and look forward to your scheduled appointment to discuss child nutrition and your child's specific needs with you. 

We provide a wide range of services for our parents. If you are seeking quality child healthcare, we await your call and would love it if you joined our family. 

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